Our Practices and Customs

We must be mindful when using Earth's resources. Our planet's organisms are to be honoured for their life giving and healing properties. Ancient Elements follows a set of practices and customs in order to give thanks to the organisms that are used during our formulation and crafting processes.

Why We Don't Use Essential Oils

We at Ancient Elements believe that whole plant matter and organism infusions (whether it be in a tea form, a cold or warm infusion in cold pressed oils, or infused in a plant or animal fat) captures and honors the energies, essences, and properties in a more holistic way. This requires a more slow, small batch formulation technique. A technique that uses much less plant/organism matter, allows the whole compounds within to be more energetically and physically powerful, and also fosters a closer connection to the physical materials harvested and used in our products. We are part of the entire process from plant/organism to final product.

We have additionally opted to forgo using essential oils in our body care products due to potential skin sensitivities and allergies. The concentrated nature of essential oils also have the possibility for skin irritation, and can cause skin and respiratory sensitization over time. Any scent experienced in our products will be from the natural scent of the raw material used i.e. cocoa butter, vanilla bean, chamomile, etc.

Our Earth Honouring Practices and Customs

1. Seasonal Harvesting:

Where and when we are able, we align our harvesting with the natural seasonal cycles and lunar phases for optimal plant energy and vitality. In the Summer months, some of our herbs are grown and harvested by us! Look out for a "**" symbol beside some of our ingredients on our label. This indicates when we have used an ingredient we have grown and/or harvested ourselves. When we cannot use our own harvested material, we make sure to source responsibly grown product.

2. Sacred Gathering and Receiving:

We treat the act of harvesting and receiving organisms as a sacred practice, where we show gratitude and thanks for the gifts we are being provided. Whichever method we are called to perform, based on our intuition at the time of gathering or receiving, we engage in mindful thought, singing or meditation.

3. Respectful Communication and Sustainable Harvesting:

We talk to the plants and organisms we use. We harbor a deep connection through intention and respect by seeking permission to harvest or use, and then express our gratitude through offering a token in return to the place we harvested from. We practice regenerative harvesting, where we only take a portion of the plant(s) or organism(s) so that they have the opportunity to re-grow without overharvesting and damaging the ecosystem.

4. Energy Infusion while Formulating:

We infuse our formulations with positive, healing intentions, enhancing the efficacy of our products.

5. Respectful Decomposition:

Once we have completed our formulations / infusions, any left over material is thanked for its life and energy, then taken back to the earth. This allows our Earth to re-absorb and break down the material for rebirth and new life.


Medical Disclaimer

The statements made on this website regarding our natural bodycare products, including soap and body butters, have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions or diseases.

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If you have known allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients, we recommend reviewing our product labels thoroughly or seeking advice from a healthcare professional before using our natural bodycare products. Individual reactions to skincare products can vary, and it is essential to perform patch tests as recommended on specific product labels. Our natural bodycare products are crafted with quality and safety in mind, using natural ingredients. However, individual responses to these products may differ. If you experience any adverse reactions, discontinue use immediately and consult with a healthcare professional.

By using our natural bodycare products, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this FDA medical disclaimer and agree to use our products at your own risk. If you have any questions or concerns about the information provided here, please contact us for further clarification.


At Ancient Elements, we prioritize transparency and customer safety. It's essential to be aware that, while we use natural ingredients in our products, allergic reactions or skin sensitivities may still occur. Every individual's skin is unique, and we cannot guarantee that you will not experience a reaction or irritation.

For those with severe allergies, particularly those prone to anaphylactic-type reactions, we strongly advise against purchasing our products. Despite our dedication to maintaining meticulously clean soap and product rooms, we cannot eliminate the risk of potential cross-contamination among individual ingredients.

Ancient Elements holds no responsibility for any individual reaction to specific ingredients. Each product description on our website includes a comprehensive list of ingredients. If you have sensitivities to any listed component, we recommend refraining from using the product. In cases of uncertainty or sensitive skin, always conduct an allergy patch test. If irritation occurs at any time, discontinue use immediately.

It's crucial to note that all product reviews provided by our customers reflect their personal opinions and experiences. These reviews do not imply or represent any claims by Ancient Elements. Individual results may vary, and we encourage our customers to make informed decisions based on their unique skin needs and sensitivities. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us for further assistance at orders@aebodycare.ca.